Application: PyRDM-PublishΒΆ

Another publishing tool (see bin/pyrdm-publish) has been created to publish PyRDM itself to Figshare. At the moment this is only used as an example program to demonstrate PyRDM’s functionality without the need to install libspud (or Fluidity and libspud) as a dependency, and therefore any Figshare publications produced using this tool will be kept private in your Figshare account. You can visit the “My data” page on Figshare to view the publication details.

Only the source code hosted on PyRDM’s GitHub repository can be published; the publishing tool does not publish any input/output files. To use pyrdm-publish, you will need to provide the path to the local Git repository on your computer containing PyRDM. For example,

pyrdm-publish /home/my_username_here/pyrdm

(or python /path/to/pyrdm/bin/pyrdm-publish /path/to/pyrdm, if you did not install PyRDM). The following options are also available:

  • -v : Publish a specific version (Git SHA-1 hash) of the PyRDM source code.
  • -l : Set the log verbosity level (choose ‘critical’, ‘error’, ‘warning’, ‘info’, or ‘debug’).